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14 Jan 2004 12:58 muhri


> No IMAP support? Boo.

Why post at all? You are on freshmeat after all - If you
do not like my neat little client you can just go use
others. Freshmeat is full of them!

13 Jan 2004 18:04 ibanix

No IMAP support? Boo.

14 Mar 2003 02:59 CanadaGeek

Fantastic little client!
I really appreciate the fact that it is text only and it doesn't launch binaries (including images) unless we tell it to. Very secure - the only client I will use on Linux!

26 May 2001 02:35 learfox

I downloaded and ran the installer per recommendation, but
after an hour of watching the installer download and compile `ridiculous things' under root and finish with no pronto binary installed-
I decided to just clean up the mess and install from the RPM package.

That worked and was a lot easier. :/

The GUI looks like it needs some smoothing of the edges and a way
to edit preferances would help. Otherwise it seems sufficient but not
enough features compared to the numerous dependencies it requires.


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