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TCLP is a type checker for Prolog dialects. It is written in SICStus Prolog. Its goal is to statically trap programming errors like illegal arguments used in a call for a predicate or illegally built data structures with respect to a given typing for function symbols or predicates. TCLP is also capable of type inference for user predicates. Supported dialects include ISO-Prolog, GNU-Prolog, and SICStus Prolog.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Aug 2006 12:34

    Release Notes: This release added the possibility to add type aliases. That is, to declare and use names as shortcuts for types in type declarations.

    •  25 May 2005 14:52

      Release Notes: The speed of type inference has been improved for large programs with a lot of mutually recursive predicates. TCLP now tries to type check prolog files for modules that don't have .typ files. The error messages have been updated so they can be understood by Emacs in a compilation buffer.

      •  16 Nov 2004 19:37

        Release Notes: A cache system was implemented in order to speed up the initialization of TCLP. This release also contains two bugfixes: it correctly prints errors of typeof declarations, and prints names correctly when encountering an error with --option nodefault.

        •  01 Mar 2004 10:07

          Release Notes: DCG expansion has been added. TCLP now prints the type of variables when finding an error in a clause.

          •  27 Jan 2004 11:07

            Release Notes: In this release, a speed improvement was achieved thanks to the elimination and the simplification of various type constraints. There were also some bugfixes, both in libraries and in the type checker.


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