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Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer is designed for exercising typing speed and typing accuracy, by providing an environment to type in a copy of an original text within a specific time period. It also has the ability to store the results of such an exercise for exam purposes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Sep 2004 03:40

    Release Notes: Some minor bugfixes concerning SQL server communications were made. Unicode support was added, and Unicode was made the primary text encoding.

    •  13 Feb 2004 22:28

      Release Notes: Features have been added to the keyboard layout trainer, including the ability to create a training course and the ability to easily create training files. There are general bugfixes.

      •  15 May 2003 17:33

        Release Notes: A problem with missing files in the admin directory has been fixed. The font is set to Courier to avoid problems with missing fonts messing up the display. Cut and paste exploitation is fixed. A bug where a garbled entry would crash the program has been fixed. Some features were added to the exam part; the way errors are calculated has been changed to avoid exploitation, and can be either an exact count or a percentage of typed actual words.

        •  11 May 2003 13:26

          Release Notes: Datatable browsing and creation were moved into a different package. Some code cleanup was done, and a bug which caused text to be displayed with an extra newline was fixed.

          •  08 Jan 2003 21:08

            Release Notes: Database functionality, configured by a centrally located configuration file, has been brought in to bring about a testing environment, where results are stored in a database. Several bugs were removed, and there was general code cleanup.

            Recent comments

            02 Aug 2005 13:41 wwalker

            This project looks well thought out. I tried out 1.0rc3 of typeingteacher, 1.0rc2 of touchtyper.

            Both had build problems for which I opened bugs reports.

            The program was nice to use, but kept segfaulting (after a minute or so of use each time). Also reported this bug.

            When these problems are fixed, I think it will be a good tool. I plan on having my sons use it even in the current state.


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