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Proelia 2

Proelia is a multi-game system encounter tracker for pen-and-paper RPGs. It allows you to create "prepared" encounters for later use, and then run them any number of times with the click of a button. A group can be created from an encounter's participants, and then re-used in other encounters. Each encounter can display a map that allows you to track positioning of participants, especially in relation to regions, so you can tell if someone is standing too close to a fire, or is subject to an aura or other environmental effect. A color and marker text can be set for each participant in the encounter, so you can quickly find them on the map. A variety of RPGs are supported through a plugin system that allows new systems to be added.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 May 2011 15:33

    Release Notes: This release has an import map image button. You can select stacked regions. The correct condition icons weren't appearing in the encounter list. The 4e D&D system was removing participants from play. Fixes for condition removal. Localization of some strings that weren't. The tally counts at the bottom of the list weren't counting up "object" participants correctly. The round count and total number of rounds in the statistics section weren't being incremented.

    •  16 Apr 2011 01:44

      Release Notes: The application has a new icon. An issue where the application wouldn't properly shut down when the main window is closed was fixed. The Sparkle URL has been fixed so that application updates occur correctly.


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