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Production BASIC

Production BASIC is an Open-Source, Multi-user Business Basic compiler/interpreter and run-time environment. This system is intended to be an alternative to commercially available systems, such as Basic/Four, Thoroughbred, and others that have evolved from the original Basic/Four system. It creates meta-code object modules, and uses a run-time interpreter under Linux. The system is under development, and assistance is being solicited.


Recent releases

  •  22 Jun 2000 04:22

    Release Notes: The most reliable and feature-rich release to date. This version cleans up many of the major and minor issues in the last version, as well as adding garbage collection, user-defined functions, arrays, CALLs that work right, nearly complete support for TEXT and INDEXED files, and extremely improved execution time. Many of the internal structures were completely rewritten from the ground up to allow for these improvements.

    •  29 Jan 2000 02:16

      Release Notes: A new name, greatly improved stability, and numerous new features.

      •  06 Sep 1999 11:47

        Release Notes: Initial announcement.

        Recent comments

        16 May 2004 09:58 rsierra

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