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19 Mar 2003 14:39 boogerEatingNerd

You can use Procmail to create mail-servers?
Has anyone actually done this?

17 Aug 2001 21:32 cabalamat2

Unfortunately the procmailrc file format isn't exactly
the most intuitive or simple thing around.

13 Jun 2001 23:25 cfoobar

Re: License Info

> So what's the problem?

At the time the "License Info" comment was posted, procmail's license wasn't particularly clear on some Open Source points. The current version is dual licensed under the GPL and Artistic licenses, so that comment should be considered obsolete.

11 Jun 2001 15:54 MartinHerrman

Re: License Info
So what's the problem?

11 Jun 2001 15:51 MartinHerrman

Re: License Info
So what's the problem?

05 Feb 1999 09:33 qbert

License Info
Here's what the README from the FTP site says:

Use this software package at your own risk. The programmer cannot
be held liable for any incurred damages, directly or indirectly due to
the use or inability to use this software.

You are encouraged to distribute this package freely. This package or
any part thereof or any work derived from it, is however not to be sold
(minor transfer costs excepted) or included in any commercially sold software
package (if you want to do this anyway, contact me (address below), and we'll
work something out).

If you distribute it, please leave the package intact. You are allowed to
take parts from this distribution and distribute these separately as long
as you retain the copyright messages. If you redistribute any part of this
package in a modified form, be sure to mark the parts you changed.
If you have some important changes that might be useful to the rest of the
world, contact me instead.


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