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Procinfo is a package to allow you to get useful information from /proc. /proc is the kernel filesystem. This is a place you can go to acquire information from your running kernel. This version fixes compatibility problems with Linux kernels 2.1.41 and above.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Aug 2001 15:49

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  16 May 1999 05:03

      Release Notes: Sparc fixlet from RedHat, options -s went missing a while ago but is back again, internal cleanup of the irq stuff. This also fixes a bug along the way where the context switch value would be clobbered over by the irq code, some minor tweaks to the man page, CPU percentages should work OK on SMP boxes now -- user + nice + system + idle now adds up to 100%, regardless of the number of CPU's, fixed lossage when you run procinfo full-screen in combination with -F or with redirection and fixed display of modules, devices and filesystems in combination with odd screen sizes.

      •  11 Feb 1999 20:08

        Release Notes: Better handling of large numbers of interupts and fixed a problem with interrupts on some SMP systems.

        Recent comments

        27 Jan 2005 11:04 arkadi

        kernel v2.6.x
        Patch for correct paging/swap and disk statistics display when running on kernel v2.6 and other miscellaneous cpu stats -


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