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JSP Prize Tags is a JSP tag library. The primary tags are the Tree Tag, Tabbed Pane Tag, and AJAX Tags. The Tree Tag makes it easy to implement tree controls in your JSP pages. The Tabbed Pane Tag makes it easy to implement tabbed panes in your JSP pages. You can put any JSP code inside a tab, and even include other JSPs inside a tab. The AJAX Tags make it easy to turn your links and forms into AJAX links and forms, which reload in a table cell or div tag instead of the whole page. Also included are the icon tag, the alternate tag (for alternating content on the page, such as the background color of table rows or an ad rotator), laying calendar events in a table, and more.

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Recent releases

  •  13 May 2007 12:02

    Release Notes: This is the stable release of the 3.3.4-beta that was released in March. The primary news is the addition of Tree Daos to the Tree Tag, making it easier to create dynamic trees, with content read from either a file system, a database, or other data sources.

    •  20 Nov 2006 15:06

      Release Notes: This version is the stable release of 3.1.10-beta. It features easier (or at least alternative) customization of node images and an ITreeDao interface which makes it much easier to build trees dynamically (lazily).

      •  18 Oct 2006 14:34

        Release Notes: This version contains a new ITreeDao interface. With this interface, it is now a lot easier to build trees dynamically. Just implement the interface and set an instance of the implementation on the ITree instance. The tree will do the rest itself. Tree Tag includes two tree DAOs already: a FileDao and a DatabaseDao. Users can either use these DAOs directly or use the source code as inspiration for a custom implementation.

        •  05 Sep 2006 07:24

          Release Notes: This stable release adds a simple Ajax Tag-lib, which makes it easy to use Ajax in your Web applications. It also adds an ITreeDao interface that makes it much easier to create dynamic trees with the Tree Tag. By implementing this two-method interface and setting an instance of the implementation on the ITree instance, the tree will be able to build itself dynamically.

          •  31 Jul 2006 17:25

            Release Notes: This release adds an AJAX Tag library. Simply wrap the normal "a" and "form" elements in the AJAX Tags, and they will be converted to AJAX links and forms automatically.


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