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28 Feb 2014 11:53 tinybashcgis

Never mind. Stats are back on oschina. Must have been a SQL bug effecting only ONE project. Or the fan club reconvened. Or the ??? downgraded the threat-level on Bash scripts. Oh well, a little drama was nice while it lasted.

Hoping to wake up on planet earth.

28 Feb 2014 01:02 tinybashcgis

And speaking of China...

This morning there were the usual 37 followers on the pride page at This evening there were none.

Mmmm. So did 37 individuals fall into a black hole of synchronicity and unclick their follow-stars at the same moment. Did a Pride Fan Club violently disband? Or has this project been blacklisted by the ????

Ain't Open Source a hoot?

27 Jan 2014 23:56 tinybashcgis

Google Translate might not be the best choice for translating Chinese. Here is the taijiquan classic, Song of the Thirteen Movements, brought to you by Google Translate:

"Brisk whole body to move a club, and in particular throughout. Gas should Gudang, God should be restrained. So that there is no defect, so there is no bump at, so there is no place intermittently. Its roots in the feet, legs, be controlled by the waist line in the fingers. Foot and leg and waist by a total must complete a stretch, forward back, were able to get the upper hand machine. There may not get the upper hand at the machine, the body will be scattered, the disease will be in demand in the waist and legs. Up and down all around alike. Where is euphemistically meaning, not outside. That is down there, that is after a front, with left and right that is. Wishful up that apartment next to Italy, if things fell off and be the meaning of the Sri Lankan off from its root, the speed of which undoubtedly are bad. Actual situation should make clear, an own an actual situation, everywhere total this actual situation, steadily throughout the whole body, without the slightest interruption cause ear."

Practice this for 15 years and you will be able to knock a Sri Lankan over his Italian apartment building. Your mileage may vary.

26 Jan 2014 11:21 camelspotter

I'm waiting for today r197, r198, r199, r200, r201, ok? alexmatra is right if you want to update daily use git, svn or mercurial. The daily updates are not releases. As for the chinese sites do you mean Yeah yeah they were very enthusiastic with your project, do a google translate of the user comments if you don't know chinese and you will see, i don't want to reproduce what they say here. You only entered the top 10 there because of your daily updates and because of the many reviews of users who make fun of it or tell you that this is abuse, or ask questions how to use it... Don't think that we are fools, we know what you are doing, you are the only one that updates two-three times per day to give publicity to your project. Freecode stuff may not have a problem, but you rob the other projects from their hour of exposure to the users, don't you understand that? This is not fair or right use

10 Jan 2014 15:03 tinybashcgis

As an old GNUhead, I "release early, release often." Every feature added, every bug fixed creates a release for the benefit of the project's users. This has nothing to do with gaining attention of any kind. I have had the 10th most active project on freshmeat with an old python project and there is no tangible benefit to any "attention" attained in that way. Free software is released for its own sake, early and often. Interestingly, on the Chinese sites which follow pride, they are enthusiastic about the number of releases for this project. But I simply release during periods where I develop Android apps and that work always leads to improvements in pride.

07 Jan 2014 06:18 alexmatra

I've got some notes on your project, or rather, your versioning system. I think you should REALLY rethink your version system. Releasing 1 MAJOR version per day or even TWO, is unheard in the history of Open Source/Free software and quite ridiculous to say the least IMHO. Not even the biggest projects around don't have the capacity to do that.

What you think as a release is rather A COMMIT. Changing a line or two in your code that doesn't make it a new subversion, not to say a MAJOR version. If you want to release daily updates to your users, you should use an online Git, Subversion, or Mercurial host like or, (or others), that are designed to do exactly that, DAILY UPDATES

Although i'm not an Android expert and can't judge your code for validity, usability and value, i have extended understanding in programming and releasing commercial and open source software and i'm sure for ONE thing:

By doing that kind of versioning, although you may be obsessed with hits/downloads and visits this is not the target in software development. The TARGET is having an ever-growing USER community, having more and more satisfied users. By putting your users through the burden of trying to track your versions or even having to put up with the cataclysm of update mails, you tend to lose them, i'm sure you understand this.

Furthermore, open source development resources are community resources. YOU SHOULD NOT ABUSE THEM. They are not your own. What would happen in Freecode if everybody released a version a day? It would become USELESS. Changing your versioning system to release a weekly (AT MOST) release will show that you understand Open Source and its community rules.

That's for now, please don't abuse Freecode. Believe me, if your software is good it will rise to the top, as it should. If it is a bucket of s..t no amount of publicity will make it look good


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