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PRES (the Press Release System) is a simple content management system, essentially targeted at producing a news and information site. Managing a PRES system is designed to be simple, but presentation is sophisticated and flexible. An elementary knowledge of IT would be useful, but expertise in designing and managing Web sites is not a requirement. PRES can be used for anything from private "blogging" to corporate news systems. It is a Java WebApp and works with Tomcat.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 May 2007 13:16

    Release Notes: This version builds strongly on ideas of locating content in time and space, integrating with Google Maps and Simile Timeline. In addition, there's new media integration, with integration of uploadable Quicktime videos and of remotely hosted Google videos. The templating system is greatly tidied up and modularized, making for easy reskinning either by editing the supplied templates or by uploading new ones. There are, in addition, a welter of minor improvements.

    •  20 Sep 2006 21:12

      Release Notes: Separate subeditors for separate categories. The pseudo-WYSIWYG Ekit widget. New skins and a new rating system. Tools for adding multimedia content. Many detail fixes and improvements. Integration with Google video, numerous bugfixes, and modularisation of the XSL templates used to skin content, making maintenance much easier. Although this is still unstable, it is reliable and should be considered a late beta for PRES 1.10.

      •  28 Sep 2005 20:36

        Release Notes: The primary new feature is the inclusion of pluggable exception handlers. Exception handlers deal with otherwise uncaught bugs at the top level of the application. From the installer you can choose from three exception handlers: JustWhinge (exception reports are written to the log; Alert (exception reports are emailed to the site owner); and Bugzilla (a Bugzilla form is generated pre-filled with the details of the exception, and the user is invited to submit it). This release is packaged with antinstaller.

        •  29 Jun 2005 18:11

          Release Notes: Major enhancements include a desktop installer (using ant-installer), more supplied skins, easier configuration of stylesheets, Google ads and Amazon books integration, subscriber verification, better integration of syndication feeds, and many improvements to user interface, both for editors and for readers. This is the first release that can really be installed and configured without any technical skills; just answer the questions in the installer, and you're away.

          •  14 Jul 2004 14:23

            Release Notes: Security was greatly improved. Creating an author record now creates a real database account, and you can change your database account password through the admin system. Category templates now use inheritance, so if you upload custom XSL templates for a category, they will be used for that category and all sub-categories of that category which don't have their own custom templates. Installation was greatly simplified. PRES now works with a new system which can create a war file already customized for your needs, which you can download and just drop into place in your webapps directory.


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