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26 Aug 2001 18:42 stuffle

PostgreSQL v7.1.x
It has been brought to my attention that there are some problems using PRepS with PostgreSQL v7.1.x.

Specifically, if when opening a problem report for editing, and error message is generated, and the audit trail is not.

Also, when using e-mail notification, several un-transformed e-mails are sent out (IOW, they are just the templates, without any information in them).

The former problem is fixed in the latest version of libPRepS and PRepS. The latter version is fixed via a patch that is available at the PRepS web site.

14 Oct 2000 00:16 stuffle

PostgreSQL v7.x
Starting with version 1.4.5, I have migrated PRepS to PostgreSQL v7.x. If you have old PRepS databases running on PostgreSQL v6.5.x, I highly suggest installing PostgreSQL v7.x, and migrating your existing databases to the newer PostgreSQL version.

As an alternative, you may make some simple modifications to some files in the "scripts" directory to make PRepS compatible with PostgreSQL v6.5.x. However, I highly suggest upgrading to v7.x

Either way, refer to the HTML documentation for details on how to migrate existing data, or modify PRepS to work with PostgreSQL v6.5.x.

24 May 2000 08:01 stuffle

PostgreSQL v7.0
If you are using PRepS v1.2.4 with PostgreSQL v7.0, I have a source patch available at the PRepS web site.

21 May 2000 16:38 stuffle

PostgreSQL v7.0 with PRepS
PRepS was developed and tested against PostgreSQL v6.5.3. I have installed PostgreSQL v7.0 on one of my systems and tested PRepS there. It works. However there are some minor but very important modifications that need to be made to the PRepS database creation scripts.

If you are running PRepS and plan to migrate to PostgreSQL v7.0, please read the important information on the PRepS web page before restoring your PRepS database.

Also, if you are planning on installing PRepS on a system that has PostgreSQL v7.0 installed on it, please see the same documentation for important script changes that will need to be made.


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