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Pragmatic Mathematical Service

Pragmatic Mathematical Service is a JavaScript collection with over 400 mathematical functions. It also includes a very simple frontend that is usable with a mouse and/or keyboard (a virtual keyboard is included).

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Recent releases

  •  06 Aug 2008 04:48

    Release Notes: Bugfixes. Extension of the (in)complete and regularized Gamma functions and the complete log-Gamma, Digamma, Beta, and log-Beta functions to the complex plane. Extension of the general partial harmonic function to the complex plane. This can be used to approximate the Riemann zeta function for complex arguments to about 6 digits precision. Extension of the Pochhammer symbol (raising factorial) to the complex plane.

    •  30 Jul 2008 06:59

      Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. Descriptions were added for the implementation of some 50 constants (now: 98), the statistical means, some statistical distributions, some special functions, and basic matrix operations rounding. Some entries were added to the glossary. More illustrations were added. About 100 more literature references were added.

      •  07 Jul 2008 23:23

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        •  07 Jul 2008 23:21

          Release Notes: Bugfixes. The precision of the digamma function has been increased.

          •  15 Jun 2008 18:26

            Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, the addition of a Vector data type for complex vectors, vector operations (+, -, /, *, dot, and cross), FFT for complex 1-d data, combinatorical functions, and Roman-Arabic number conversion.


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