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PPP Keepalive

PPP Keepalive is a perl script intended to maintain a persistent dialup connection. When the script redials it can then send an email containing your dynamic IP address to an email account or ftp the address to a server. This way you can obtain the current IP address for your box remotely. This also introduces security issues, so use at your own risk.

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Recent releases

  •  06 Sep 2000 21:15

    Release Notes: The pppkeep_params file has been made into a module and the code in the main script has been cleaned up. The script has been changed so that, instead of pinging a site to test for a connection, it uses the LWP::Simple Perl module to request a page from a list of known good Web sites. Should all page requests fail, the script attempts to redial.

    •  25 May 2000 12:00

      Release Notes: Initial release.

      Recent comments

      27 May 2000 12:34 mlong26

      Issues - Posted By Script Writer
      I've made a change to this script. Apparently there was a bug. You can either download the new version, or you can make the changes yourself. In the script, look for the line that says "if ($sendmail){" and change this to "if($send_mail){" (notice the underscore). This bug prevented the script from emailing the info to you. This is now fixed. Also, unless you have your localhost working as an smtp server, the mail won't get sent. You must change the 'smtp' variable in the module to whatever you smtp server is. See latest README for more info( file location, etc).


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