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Portable PHP/MySQL Corporate Intranet System

PPCIS is a portable, modular, intranet system. It features a news page with topic filtering, user submission, and admin authorisation, a directory with support for internal lists, external contacts, and Web links, a helpdesk, with call logging, history, and a F.A.Q. database, and a file store, with hierarchical file storage and group-based security. There are several levels of administrative rights, meaning that different people can be responsible for maintaining different parts of the system. The system has a centrally configured colour scheme and logo, so rebranding is easy.


Last announcement

PPCIS has moved to Github 27 Apr 2011 01:13

For those who want to hack on PPCIS, but have been finding it difficult, it has now been placed on You can check out the repository directly at this URI: GitHub users can create their own forks, all the usual stuff. I've been a little uncommitted to this lately (it's been nearly a decade...) but I do occasionally get queries from interested parties that want to do something with it. I'm happy to maintain the product; I'm just not actively developing it any more. That said, my employers are still using it, and occasionally there's code written. Most of the bugs have been hammered out, though.

Recent releases

  •  21 Feb 2005 04:22

    Release Notes: This has been a huge rewrite. Features are documented on the Web site. The biggest changes are language support, stylesheet support, and many improvements to all parts of the system.

    •  01 Nov 2002 06:46

      Release Notes: Some minor code cleanups were made.

      •  28 Oct 2002 07:37

        Release Notes: This version adds the last few help files, fixes a minor display bug involving quotes and slashes in the files, and increases security where two copies of PPCIS are running on virtual hosts on the same domain. Previously, logging into one got you logged in to any others; now switching between them will log users out.

        •  21 Oct 2002 19:26

          Release Notes: This release fixes the file uploading system that broke in 0.95. All users of version 0.95 are urged to upgrade to 0.96 if they wish to make use of the file library module.

          •  19 Oct 2002 00:54

            Release Notes: The help has been extended to all areas apart from the library, and all of the typos in there have been corrected. The external directory admin page now works properly, and an SQL bug was fixed in there. The biggest change is that PPCIS now works in PHP installations where the php_globals=off directive is set (which is the default since 4.2) so potential users with recent PHP installations can now use this product.

            Recent comments

            27 Apr 2011 01:14 Brianetta

            seb249: Sure, pick my brains, but please, do so by email... I didn't notice your comment for six months!

            12 Aug 2010 09:37 seb249

            Hi Brian
            Thanks for your work on this project - am having fun cutting my teeth on it.
            Just wondering if it is still active ? and if i can pick your brains on an issue i am having with the directory.



            21 Feb 2005 06:31 Brianetta

            Sorry it took so long (:
            It's been far from the only thing I've been working on.

            unfortunately, writing free software isn't what makes

            me a living, so it's not first priority. Hopefully the

            advances made in version 2.0 will show people that I

            haven't abandoned this software in any way.

            18 Jul 2003 04:52 Brianetta

            New release soon
            This project hasn't dropped from the face of the Earth! No, far from it.

            The next version is currently in alpha, in that it isn't feature complete. It is being used by my employers, and so far the number of bugs seems to be very low.

            I expect it to go beta (feature complete) in about a month, if all goes well. I'll announce that on the site and on Freshmeat, and brave users will be able to download it. It should be stable enough, but I won't announce it as a release version until it's been properly tested.

            For a round-up of the changes that should see the next release, go to and have a look at the news.

            18 Jul 2003 04:25 Brianetta

            Re: Login Problems with default l/p

            > Hello i get this when i try to log in
            > with
            > admin / istrator
            > Your username or password was
            > incorrect.
            > i am using fbsd 5 with
            > apache-2.0.46
            > mod_php4-4.3.3.r1_1,1
            > mysql-server-4.1.0_1
            > any ideas there is a page that flashes
            > up but i cant read it before it
            > redirects thanks
            > -Chris

            The page that flashes up is just the authentication script, and won't give you any useable error messages.

            The most common cause of password failure is a alck of cookie support. You version of PHP does support sessions, and PPCIS relies on these 100% to keep you logged in.

            You will need to accept the session cookie that PPCIS gives you when you start up, so make sure that your browser accepts at least those. Session cookies are not persistent, and so you will be logged out if you close your browser.


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