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ppc is an E-MU Planet Phatt/Orbit/Carnaval remote and SysEx-editor written in C/GTK+-2. You can control almost all global and all preset parameters and create new presets.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Jun 2008 06:47

    Release Notes: The audit button now lets you listen to the preset you are about to overwrite. In the instrument section, you will find some generalized volume envelope presets. This allows you to quickly try different volume envelopes for each instrument. A new "MIDI Program->Preset map" window and "MIDI channel setup" window have been added. New export/import presets were added. Importing does not just send the preset data (which would put the preset into the RAM slot specified in the SysEx file); instead, you select the RAM slot.

    •  05 Jun 2008 06:39

      Release Notes: This is a mostly an important bugfix release. A problem was fixed in which presets were always saved to their original place, not to the selected RAM slot. Reloading the preset lists now correctly disconnects the callbacks, preventing the callbacks from being executed more than once. The lists are now updated automatically when saving a preset, without the need to re-download them. Instead, ppc just updates the files on disk. The preset name is validated and is set to "ppc:NNN" if the name field is left empty (NNN = RAM slot).

      •  04 Jun 2008 17:28

        Release Notes: Changes include UI tweaks, mute buttons for instruments (so you can easily switch an instrument on or off for rehearsal), a checksum check for downloaded preset data, more tooltips, and a filter information window. The way MIDI messages are received has been changed, which results in a much more responsive UI and faster downloads, especially when downloading preset data.

        •  31 May 2008 08:49

          Release Notes: Preset categories were added for Orbit and Carnaval devices. The SysEx-editor is now tabbed and much better. Major UI work was undertaken. Some new global parameters were added, though preset mapping is still missing. Many tooltips were added. Various treeview display bugs were fixed in the editor, including problems where channel 14 was not working and ppc didn't show the correct preset on startup if the device wasn't set to show channel 1.

          •  28 May 2008 14:16

            Release Notes: Preset data is cached on disk now. You can now save your presets easily from the UI. A smart "Lock" button was added, which unlocks when you close the editor. "Foobar" was replaced with "ppc" in the license headers. ppc now (theoretically) supports multiple devices. Linked presets controls were added to the editor. Popup dialogs were eliminated. Beats mode controls were added. An icon was added.

            Recent comments

            24 May 2008 21:11 vvd

            Re: works great

            > Awesome software!

            Thank you! ")


            24 May 2008 02:08 Braumeister

            works great
            Awesome software!


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