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PowerShell is a GNOME/Gtk+-based terminal emulator which supports many terminals in a single window (limited only by available RAM). Each terminal is given a "notebook" tab which makes switching between terminals easy.


Recent releases

  •  05 Mar 2000 04:27

    Release Notes: New options to not run your default shell on startup, to change the scrollbar position, or hide it, the ability to hide the tabs if only one term is open, and a few bugfixes.

    •  13 Feb 2000 06:01

      Release Notes: Many bug fixes, added scrollbar to menu editor, option to turn off URL matching, ability for menu options to prompt user for arguments when run, added status bar, ability to change tab location or hide them altogether, ability to hide the menubar, and the option to run certain menu items on startup.

      •  03 Feb 2000 17:16

        Release Notes: Several bugfixes (including both known segfaults from 0.65), a full online help system (using Gnome's help-browser), and a few user interface issues have been cleared up.

        •  30 Jan 2000 07:15

          Release Notes: An "Update" button in the Menu Editor, Ctrl-Tab now cycles between tabs, right-click on the tab renames the term, and it launches user's default login shell when you start the program instead of the first menu option. Also many bugs and UI issues were fixed.

          •  25 Jan 2000 20:56

            Release Notes: A major rewrite of the Preferences dialog has been done. Everything is configurable through it now, including the menu options. This release also adds support for custom terminal colors, blinking cursor, number of scrollback lines, and other options. The transparency effect was fixed so that it now updates when you move the window. Many bugs were fixed, including the segfault when you try to run a program with no path.

            Recent comments

            22 Jun 2000 22:14 windozesux

            Now this is a very, very nice little app. I like the flexability in the configuration, and how simply everything works. CTRL-TAB'ing between tabs is a lot digging through 10 xterms on my desktop. This is a great program, and anyone who uses the Linux command line definitely will benefit from it.


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