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Powersave Daemon

The Powersave Daemon provides battery, temperature, AC, and CPU frequency control and monitoring along with proper suspend to disk/RAM and standby support with shell hooks that are easy to extend. It supports APM and ACPI machines and can control a hard disk's advanced power and acoustic management settings. It is perfect for laptops and workstations that need to run quietly with low power consumption, or switch to full performance mode if needed. Self definable power schemes give full control over power control features and allow easy and automatic switching between performance or power saving settings for each hardware component.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Jan 2005 10:52

    Release Notes: This version enabled swsusp for APM machines and checks swap partitions before running swsusp. An error message that occurred if the user had no rights to connect to the daemon was fixed. AC state is now checked when battery polling is forced. A lock screen is now displayed after suspending. Configuration was enhanced and all variables can now be overridden and specified in scheme conf files. Users can now override the active thermal trip point. The CPU frequency is now increased to the maximum before suspending.


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