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19 Dec 2003 07:13 terrible

One of the best in its style, excelent gameplay!
It is a very fun and adictive game, its best feature is the gameplay: it has a mix of intense concentration and reflex and at the same time of strategy! That's because you can upgrade various things of your ship and even your ship, but you have to take the right decisions about *what* to upgrade and *when*.
The graphics are good but not impresive, what I don't like very much is that it really is 320x200 and it has a simulated 640x400 mode, and I always play it in a window, if it had more resolution (something like 800x600 or 1024x768) and an always working full screen mode that would improve it very much!
But try it any way!

13 Oct 2003 12:30 r19h72

Powermanga is easy to play and good for playing it while my wife is watching soap-TV.

Sometimes I miss the SAVE GAME function - but I do better next time......

lg Roman

07 Apr 2003 06:06 norbertdejonge

Re: just great

> By the way, try to beat my highscore of:
> 1,442,556

(And that is with hard bonuses!)

21 Nov 2002 21:04 norbertdejonge

just great
One of the best top-down shooter I've ever played. And it's available for GNU/Linux. And it's GPL-ed.

What more do you want?

By the way, try to beat my highscore of: 1,442,556 (

Kind regards, Norbert

26 Jan 2001 15:11 mou

This game rules enourmously. But why doesn't it include a plot ??
Otherwise it's almost as kewl as multiplayer XKoules


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