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POWDER is a Roguelike game. It was written initially for the Gameboy Advance, but was since ported to the DS, Linux, Windows, and Mac. It is fully graphical and can be played solely with a stylus or a mouse.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Jan 2009 14:48

    Release Notes: Spell icons will grey out when you cannot cast them. Inventory slots will change color depending on the blessed/cursed state of the item. Hopefully this version will compile from source, even on gcc4.3 machines.

    •  26 Nov 2008 14:15

      Release Notes: Among minor bugfixes are the addition of a new spell, Animate Forest, and the ability to run down corridors to make navigation require fewer keystrokes.

      •  07 Nov 2008 05:06

        Release Notes: A new safe walk mode that allows non-mouse users to explore the dungeons without accidentally attacking creatures. Numerous bugfixes.

        •  29 Jul 2008 14:30

          Release Notes: Besides the normal bugfixes and small polish features, the new Earth Hammer and dress codes for Necromancers and Barbarians were added.

          •  03 Jul 2008 08:08

            Release Notes: Numerous polish issues have been addressed. The only notable additional features are the role-selection menu for advanced players and the ability to zap lighting rapiers.


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