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Portaloo is a set of reading tools for RSS format files (, etc.) and rendering these. It can cope with arbitary input formats and also includes gathering tools for other sites. Portaloo needs no writeable disk storage, uses cookies for control and can run round robin across multiple web servers under load.


Recent releases

  •  11 Sep 1999 19:39

    Release Notes: Various cleanups, engines now use a shared library, added engines for Zdnet and The Register, contributed engine added for as well as initial proxy support.

    •  14 Aug 1999 07:33

      Release Notes: Added a Makefile, added an example engine for a stock quote box, and fixed a couple of small bugs. Portaloo is now close to a production release.

      •  10 Aug 1999 00:50

        Release Notes: First release to the public

        Recent comments

        21 Mar 2000 10:25 guanix
        I've registered ( and created an unofficial website for Portaloo. There's also a Portaloo mailing list (see details on; archive is here (


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