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Popup Calendar

Popup Calendar is a calendar and date selector that can be associated with an image next to a form element that requires a date. The calendar pops up, at which point a date can be selected, and it will close the calendar and pass the date down to the input field. It has customizable colors and full year/month navigation. It works on all browsers with Javascript support (Konqueror, IE, Netscape 4, Mozilla, and Opera) and makes choosing dates in forms much more pleasant.


Recent releases

  •  21 Nov 2002 23:53

    Release Notes: A fix for a problem when Sunday was the first of the month and monday was used as the start of the week, a new check for popup window and use of the focus() call if already exists, and a new option for which date to be used as the highlighted date in calendar (date from form or today).

    •  22 Jun 2002 09:52

      Release Notes: Calendars can now be set to start on a Monday, the date format was reduced to arranging 'm' 'd' 'y' in any order instead of the previous 'MM', 'DD', and 'YYYY', padding was fixed when the date is passed down for days and months less than 10 (now padded with a zero), and weekdays were pulled out into an array. The next step will be localization.

      •  06 Jun 2002 20:29

        Release Notes: This release improves Netscape 4 compatibility, moves around some code, and fixes some bugs reported by users.

        •  27 May 2002 12:35

          Release Notes: The code was overhauled to make it easier to understand. Colors are now configured in an associative array for things like templates and sanity. A slightly more compact look is now used. Speed enhancements were made. Unnecessary code was removed.

          •  15 May 2002 09:53

            Release Notes: Updated the homepage and integrated some long-awaited bugfixes.


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