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Poppy is a small Perl script that will individually retrieve only the headers of mail messages from a POP3/IMAP server and then allow you to view, save, or delete each. This is especially good for systems with limited resources like limited disk space, slow connectivity, or no GUI. It is also good for managing your mailbox when your normal mail reader is setup not to delete mail off the server or is having problems downloading large emails.


Recent releases

  •  24 Mar 2003 17:16

    Release Notes: Minor bug fixes were made. The server handling code was moved to a separate Perl module and a sample SPAM deleting application that uses the new module was added.

    •  11 Apr 2001 00:07

      Release Notes: Bugfixes in SMTP support and config file, new support for choosing both a mail server and a user account to view from command line, and saving emails in standard mbox format.

      •  21 Nov 2000 04:37

        Release Notes: Support for sending email replies using SMTP and an enhanced configuration file.

        •  12 Dec 1999 20:21

          Release Notes: IMAP and multiple mail server support.

          •  09 Sep 1998 20:39

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            25 Mar 2000 11:31 seetee

            This is an excelent tool to test if an account is working or not. Besides, it is often very nice to be able to check an account without having to download the messages.
            A great prog!

            20 May 1999 22:13 dangermouse

            As a diagnostic tool, Poppy Rocks!
            As a new email admin charged with keeping up a 3000+ user pop mail server, poppy is a wonderful tool for proving that a user's account is not misconfigured.

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