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Pootle is a Web-based translation and translation management tool. It provides a rich set of features for mangaging a translation project. It integrates components of the Translate Toolkit to provide error checkers for translation messages and the ability to download files in a number of formats: PO, XLIFF, CSV. Pootle can also provide compiled PO files for download. You can use it to assign work to translators in your team, and you can define goals to help focus the efforts of your translation. Pootle can run without a Web server or be proxied through your existing Apache server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Dec 2009 16:21

    Release Notes: A new user interface with improvements to alternative source languages, news feeds, and automatic notices for certain events. Easier management from the Web interface. Better performance with many pages now cached, support for more concurrent users, and larger deployments. Easier deployment with performance tips on the admin page and automatic creation of the initial database content if needed. Back-end improvements include a move to Django, wider database support including MySQL, and an easier method of running under Apache.

    •  11 Nov 2009 05:28

      Release Notes: The translations were updated, and now there are 57 languages enabled in the default installation. An improvement was made for multiword searches. Reliability improvements were made. A fix was done for a layout bug in the case of very long location comments or context strings. A fix was done to work with older versions of kid.

      •  14 Oct 2008 17:12

        Release Notes: Improvements were made to searching, suggestions, and indexing. Huge improvements were made to statistics and speed. Users can now view a third language while translating.

        •  27 Mar 2008 09:17

          Release Notes: A visual redesign was undertaken. XML markup is now highlighted on the translate page. Translated language names are now used more throughout the interface. The use of proper list separators was implemented for languages like Arabic and Asian languages that don't use the standard ", " between lists of things. Users that only have suggest rights can now upload files too. Performance was improved.

          •  20 Jun 2007 14:23

            Release Notes: A problem with pootle.prefs that caused problems at startup was fixed. Each part of the graph is now ensured to show for a non-positive value, even if it represents something less than 1%. Newlines and tabs are escaped properly with the copy button. The suggested text (term or TM entry) is inserted into the focused textarea if the user clicks on it. The links section that sometimes disappeared on Internet Explorer was fixed. The translations were updated.


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