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13 Jan 2006 13:40 brouits

Now useless - pop3 included in Gmail
Gmail has pop3 service support now !

see Gmail help (


server is :

port is : 995 (SSL)


Gmail offers also an SMTP service:

server is:

port is: 465 or 587 (both SSL)

16 Sep 2005 05:25 Gilles_Foucault

Another solution to download mail, including SPAM marked mails
I was not able to download this Poogle program, and the author did not respond to my mails...

My goal was to disable gmail's SPAM filter : I wanted to get rid of it because of many false positive...

So I found a workaround in gmail settings : Go to "POP and Forwarding", check the "enable forwarding to"... add an email address to forward all incoming mails.

As a result, all the incoming mail, including SPAM, is forwarded to my server.


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