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PonyProg is a serial device programmer with a user friendly GUI framework available for Intel Linux and Windows. Its purpose is being able to read from and write to most serial devices. At the moment it supports IC Bus, Microwire, SPI eeprom, the Atmel AVR, and Microchip PIC micro. Hardware programmer (SI-Prog) schematics are included.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Jan 2008 01:57

    Release Notes: Lock dir and ttyS device name are parameterized. An annoying bug in the check boxes of setup dialog is fixed. An automatic read of security bits is added just after the dialog opens and there are no previous settings. The Clear All and Set All buttons are removed, because they created confusion and modified disabled bits. ULTRASLOW speed is added to the INI file bus speed parameter, which is useful to access AVR devices clocked at low frequencies (e.g. 32KHz). AVR ATmega2560 and ATmega2561 support is added.

    •  03 May 2007 18:48

      Release Notes: This release adds support for several new AVR devices: ATtiny13, 25, 45, 85, 261, 461, and 861, ATmega44, 88, 168, 164, 324, 644, 640,1280, and 1281, and AT90can32, 64, and 128.

      •  28 Jul 2003 07:44

        Release Notes: Experimental support for PIC16F87xA and PIC16F62x devices was added. A severe flash programming problem with the ATtiny26 and ATmega8535/8515 was fixed, and a minor bug with the DT006 interface was fixed.

        •  05 Apr 2003 19:16

          Release Notes: Support for AVR devices was added: ATtiny26, ATmega32, ATmega8515, ATmega8535, ATmega162, ATmega169. Support for these new devices is experimental. Some bugs regarding loading HEX files with extended address records were fixed. A timing problem on fast computers was fixed.

          •  24 Feb 2002 19:20

            Release Notes: This release adds an AutoDetect INI parameter to enable/disable autodetect and set LPT and COM port I/O addresses, WinNT/2000 port address autodetect (now LPT works even on a PC with a 3BC address), and Read Osc.Calibration in the Program cycle. Erase() returns an error -9 if not implemented in the selected device. The toolbar has been redesigned with new icons. Polish and Swedish translations have been added. A VerifyAfterWrite INI parameter has been added to enable/disable verify after every write. Some optimization that caused the compiler to produce bad code (INVERT lines didn't work) has been disabled..


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