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The poldek is an RPM package management tool which allows you to easily perform package verification, installation (including system installation from scratch), upgrading, and removal. Package dependencies are automatically handled, so if you try to install a package that needs others to be installed, it will download all needed packages and install them. It can be used in batch (like apt-get from Debian's APT) or interactive mode. The interactive mode puts you into a readline interface with commandline autocompletion and history, similar to the shell mode of Perl's CPAN.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Oct 2005 18:00

    Release Notes: This is the first release after the poldek redesign. New features and significant changes include a new native package repository index format, support for Yum and XML Metadata repositories, improved support for APT-RPM indexes, a more user friendly interactive mode, proper packages ordering before their uninstallation, a clearer configuration syntax, a better dependency resolver, and many more.

    •  17 Oct 2005 23:26

      Release Notes: An update to RPM 4.4 with dropped Prereqs support was made. Broken "diff" list file update during repository creation was fixed. The proper, highest package version is selected when greedy upgraded.

      •  03 Jul 2005 14:52

        Release Notes: This release fixes compilation with gcc4 and bugs related to changed glibc 2.3.5 stdio cookie behavior. Minor dependency resolving improvements have been made. A new --pmcmd option to set rpm binary alternatives has been added.

        •  30 Dec 2004 15:33

          Release Notes: Support for RPM 4.4 was added. Two dependency processing fixes were made. Several miscellaneous minor bugs were fixed.

          •  26 Sep 2004 03:11

            Release Notes: Several major bugs in dependency resolution code have been fixed including broken package ordering and the invalid package Epoch's auto-promotion. Enhanced Obsoletes matching introduced in RPM 4.1 has been added. With the new --caplookup option packages may be selected for install by its capabilities (e.g. Provides).


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