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The POI project contains several components for dealing with popular OLE 2 formats in Java. POIFS is a pure Java implementation of the OLE 2 Compound document format. HSSF is a pure Java implementation of Excel 97-2003 XLS file format based on POIFS. HSSF Serializer is a pure Java serializer for Cocoon 2 that uses the Gnumeric XML format to output XLS. Full documentation of the POIFS file format is included. It is useful if you wish to output reports in the Excel file format, or if you have existing XML documents that you need to get into Excel. HSLF provides initial support for PowerPoint 97-2003 and HWPF provides limited support for Word 97-2003. POIFS can be used to read any OLE2 stream.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 May 2007 10:32

    Release Notes: Support for evaluating formulas in HSSF, initial support for HSLF (PowerPoint), and support for editing document properties (HPSF).

    •  30 Jul 2003 08:25

      Release Notes: In this version, several minor bugfixes and features have been added. Notable is the ability to toggle gridlines and named range refactoring/fixes.

      •  08 Mar 2003 04:38

        Release Notes: Lots of stability changes and minor feature updates were made. New features include support for zoom level, freeze and split pane support, and row and column headers on printouts.

        •  24 Jun 2002 13:36

          Release Notes: The logging dependencies were removed. Formula support was added. Other various improvements were made.

          •  24 Jun 2002 13:34

            Release Notes: Handling of Rich Text was fixed. The dependency on commons logging and log4j was removed.


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