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PolicyDOC is a Web-based software application for managing corporate policies and procedures, manage policy exceptions, reporting policy violations, and measuring effectiveness of policies. The system is packaged as VmWare appliance, but can also be installed on a server. Drag and drop can be used to rearrange policy sections. Policies can be printed in PDF. Policy exception requests can be submitted and processed online. Access can be controlled based on roles. An embedded HTML editor is included.


Recent releases

  •  23 Apr 2010 01:18

    Release Notes: A number of bugs were fixed. Performance enhancement features were added.

    •  15 Jan 2010 02:57

      Release Notes: This version updates the previous Beta Release. It includes bugfixes only.

      •  06 Dec 2009 21:14

        Release Notes: This version is intended for beta testers. A release candidate will be released in two weeks.

        •  26 Nov 2009 04:22

          Release Notes: This release added the creation of policy sections in the template when a new policy is created. This is to ensure that best practice in creating new policies is followed. The default sections in the policy are Scope, Business Objectives, Compliance Objectives, Policy Overview, Compliance with policy, Roles and responsibilities, and References. These section can be modified by the policy creator afterwards.

          •  16 Nov 2009 01:43

            Release Notes: A graphical report for policy violations and violations graphing for the last 12 months. A graphical report for search showing the top ten searches and the number of searches in the last 12 months. Updated dashboard graphical reports. Performance enhancements.

            Recent comments

            12 May 2009 02:37 conformix

            Main features of this software are as listed below:

            1.Web-based software with no client requirements. The users need only web-browser.
            2.Centralized policy management for all corporate policies
            3.Policy exception management and PDF exception file generation.
            4.No software to install. The system comes as VmWare appliance with all software pre-built and configured. However, you can choose to install it on your server as well.
            5.Managing multiple policies
            6.Drag and drop functionality to re-arrange policy sections
            7.Printing policies in PDF format
            8.Online submission and processing of policy exception requests
            9.Role-based access
            10.Embedded HTML editor with commonly used editor functionality.
            11.Drill down feature to focus on a particular policy section while editing a policy
            12.Spell checking
            13.Search capability to look for policy sections related to a particular scenario
            Main benefits of this software are:

            1.All policies are up-to-date all the time and accessible for users
            2.Exceptions to policies can be requested online
            3.Get notification for expired exceptions
            4.Provides web-based interface
            5.You can tweak policy in case number of exceptions on a particular policy section exceeds a certain limit.
            6.No need for distribution of updated policies to all audience thus avoiding out-of-sync problem related to policies.
            7.The audience has access to the most current policy all the time.


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