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Practical Music Search

PMS (Practical Music Search) is a ncurses-based client for MPD. It has a command line interface much like Vim, and supports custom colors, layouts, and key bindings. PMS aims to be accessible and highly configurable.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 May 2010 12:55

    Release Notes: The main new feature in this version is the possibility to filter (search) any playlist. Case-insensitive sorting has been added, along with XTerm window title support. The configuration file location has been moved to comply with XDG specifications. Some example configurations are included with the package. A number of bugs have been fixed.

    •  06 Sep 2009 13:46

      Release Notes: This release introduces mouse support, a new "normal" scroll mode, and more Vim compatibility. Many bugs have been fixed, including the empty config file bug. The build process should now also have fewer problems on more systems.

      •  23 May 2009 15:32

        Release Notes: This release features a fully customizable topbar, which can have all possible fields, visible or not, with or without borders. Also, a lot of bugs have been fixed, memory leaks have been removed, and the program operates more cleanly overall. Compatibility with different systems should have been improved. This is a highly recommended update for all 0.40.5 users.

        •  07 Apr 2009 17:26

          Release Notes: In addition to a large amount of bugfixes, this release focuses mainly on user interaction and usability. Some new commands have been added and sorting abilities have been improved. Transparency support has been added. Some crashes were also removed.

          •  22 Mar 2009 21:28

            Release Notes: This release supports locales and UTF-8. The dependency on libmpd was removed, and a dependency of glib2 was added. The AlbumArtist tag is now supported, for use against newer MPD versions. A command was added to crop a playlist. There are several bugfixes.


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