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09 Aug 2001 17:55 masonry

Re: ppp correction
Oh, btw - that was on Redhat 6.2, patches current.

09 Aug 2001 17:53 masonry

ppp correction
This is not a fault in pmfirewall but is relevant to ppp users of pmfirewall

I noticed in the mailing list archives there were frequent problems with users finding PMF did not update the external ip when ppp was started. I experienced the same problem.

I noticed that the of the ip-up.local script was not executeable and as soon as I chmod the file and added executeable rights the script ran a "pmfirewall start" command and all was right in the world.

03 Feb 2000 16:52 jimwitterschein

PMFirewall 1.1.3 On Mandrake 7.0 (Air)
Simply put, it was quite easy for me as a Linux novice to install and setup what appears to be a very effective firewall using PMFirewall 1.1.3. I did this recently on a new Mandrake 7.0 workstation.

I can confirm that PMFirewall is working effectively because I have two Windows boxes on my private LAN. One is Win2000 Pro, the other NT WS 4.0. Both have Black Ice Defender installed with the latest update. Prior to setting up Mandrake w/PMFirewall, my WinBLOWS boxes w/BID were reporting 3-5 atttacks during the week and as a much as 8 per day on the weekends. Since installing Linux w/PMFirewall, I see ZERO attacks on the pvt network.

Great Job, Rick! I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to implement a Linux Firewall w/IP Masquerading.

10 Nov 1999 13:21 ericduke

PMFirewall with Debian 2.1

I got PMFirewall 1.1.2 up and running on my Debian 2.1 server with kernel 2.2.13. It runs perfect, with 1.1.1 i had some problems but i have upgraded 4 hours ago and still not the problems i had with 1.1.1.

Greetings Eric


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