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The PLEAC project aims to re-implement the solutions presented in the Perl Cookbook (by Tom Christiansen & Nathan Torkington, published by O'Reilly) in other programming languages. If successful, this project may become a primary resource for quick, handy, free solutions to most common programming problems using higher-level programming languages. It could also be useful for comparison on ease-of-use and power/efficiency of these languages.


Recent releases

  •  04 Feb 2010 01:30

    Release Notes: The top 5 are now Groovy (100%), Python (85%), Ruby (63%), Guile (43%), and OCaml (41%).

    •  22 Jan 2005 21:50

      Release Notes: Python and Ruby contributions have been coming in steadily (both now over 60%). Sizable contributions have been made to Tcl (25%), Ocaml (24%), Ada (26%) and Pliant (9%). Pike has also picked up as of late (14%). R has been added. To simplify using and creating example scripts, an include system has been implemented, allowing scripts and data to live in separate files, which makes them easier to be accessed and used. Standalone scripts are also accessible as links from the Web presentation. There are now graphics that show the evolution of the project over time.

      •  23 Oct 2001 17:02

        Release Notes: Major enhancements were made. There are now decent versions in: Python (43%), Guile (27%), Ruby (25%), Haskell (21%), and Tcl (17%). New versions were started for Java (already 14%), Pliant, and Erlang.

        •  22 Aug 2001 23:08

          Release Notes: Major upgrades of Python and Haskell, and new implementations in Guile, TCL, C++/Stl/Boost, OCaml, and Java.

          •  06 Aug 2001 15:57

            Release Notes: This release contains a working engine for generating syntax-beautified Web content. The Merd version is around 30% complete. The Ruby version is around 25% complete. The Haskell and Python versions are around 10% complete. Embryonic Nasm and Masd versions are also available.


            Project Spotlight


            A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


            Project Spotlight

            TurnKey TWiki Appliance

            A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.