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Plans is a powerful and flexible Web calendar. Its features include recurring events, merged calendars, event icons, custom themes and templates, MS Outlook export, SQL or flat-file data storage, and browser-based management.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Feb 2010 07:34

    Release Notes: This release includes Cal export improvements, faster page load times, and several small bugfixes.

    •  17 Oct 2009 02:56

      Release Notes: This release includes fixes for some bugs experienced by installations using MySQL data storage.

      •  29 Sep 2009 09:36

        Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes and performance improvements for large numbers of events in SQL mode.

        •  20 Sep 2009 19:16

          Release Notes: This release includes many bugfixes for interface issues with 8.0.8. It also bundles with Plans (some hosts do not include in their Perl environment).

          •  12 Aug 2009 05:31

            Release Notes: This release is a major upgrade (the first in nearly a year). The interface was largely overhauled, and lots of server-side code and homebrewed JavaScript code have been refactored into jQuery plugins. Several bugs have also been fixed.

            Recent comments

            08 Jun 2007 13:21 Mirz

            Been using Plans for years, on various websites.
            It's a simple, easy-to-use, calendar. It's a breeze to install and works right out of the box. Customization is easy. I have tried many other calendar programs, some with less features, some with more. I always come back to Plans for reliability. It's user-friendliness is a plus for my staff who like to do things quickly. And for the price...? Who can beat it.

            15 Feb 2007 15:40 alliedvoa

            Re: Plans
            I would have to totally agree! Plans has fit many a need for multiple calendars.

            > I was looking for an easy solution to a

            > need, little did I know I would find a

            > gem!Plans is as easy as it gets to

            > manage as well as configure and

            > customize.If you're in the market for a

            > calendar program that will offer you

            > more than just a html calendar - this is

            > the one to get.

            09 Dec 2005 07:11 lpdalton

            Re: Access control

            > it would be nice to say "User A has only

            > read access, User B also write access".

            > Or does this feature exist and I missed

            > it in the docs?

            Not exactly. Plans does distinguish between calendar admins (who can change calendar settings) and users (who can add/edit/delete events). But this applies only to updating. There is no provision for allowing read access on a per-user basis.

            The "users" feature is turned off in the default install. It can be turned on or off at any time.

            09 Oct 2005 20:58 lpdalton

            Re: Work with speedycgi?
            Not at the present time. Feel free to add this request to the development wiki (

            > Plans looks good and pretty. However,

            > when it comes to perl cgi, I would like

            > it run faster.

            > Anybody make it work with speedycgi?


            28 Sep 2005 19:43 happyman

            Work with speedycgi?
            Plans looks good and pretty. However, when it comes to perl cgi, I would like it run faster.

            Anybody make it work with speedycgi?


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