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Planner is a tool for planning, scheduling, and tracking projects.


Recent releases

  •  02 Dec 2006 18:44

    Release Notes: A bug with nautilus behavior when clicking on a planner file was fixed. A bug where guide lines are painted behind a project start date rather than on top was fixed. -Wno-return-type was added to allow compiling with a database enabled patch. Arabic support was added. A crash in gantt view was fixed.

    •  13 Jun 2006 07:08

      Release Notes: This release features FF and SF predecessors, simple priority scheduling, the ability to view non-standard working/non-working days, Resource Usage view canvas interactivity. and Gantt chart misalignment with the tree view. In summary tasks, work now equals the sum of child tasks. The effects of resource assignments on summary tasks were eliminated. The user guide was updated.

      •  15 Mar 2005 00:00

        Release Notes: This release adds better performance and correctness of the task scheduler, improved printing, a simple MS Project XML import filter, and support for remote databases. There are many new and updated translations.

        •  30 Aug 2004 20:31

          Release Notes: This is a maintenance release from the stable branch of Planner. Several small bugs have been fixed, including a problem with assigning resources and printing problems when using older versions of GNOME. Last but not least, the translations have been updated.

          •  08 Jul 2004 20:54

            Release Notes: This release contains many improvements and fixes, where the most noticeable changes are the addition of undo/redo support and a new view that displays resource usage.

            Recent comments

            25 Nov 2002 11:39 CyberChrist

            A bit lacking.. but....
            I am using the heck out of this tool, but it does lack some certain features (like the ability to print). It gets rather hard to collaborate with people or to show managers what progress is and isn't being made when they are using Windows and I can't even generate html from this (files get saved as xml files).

            I do notice however that the developers have some development going and are adding some more features, so perhaps by Q2 2003 this will be the definitive project management tool for Linux. :)

            Tools like this do help, but if things like printing are missing from these kind of applications, there are many people that are forever dualbooting or vmware'ing a Windows installation in order to run MS Project or Office just to get things collaborated on in a sane manner.


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