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Planets is a fun, interactive program for many-body gravity simulations. The emphasis is on play: it's easy to add in planets, zoom in and out, change the physical constants, save and load configurations, etc. It's designed to be easy enough for a kid to enjoy, but that hardly precludes adults.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Jun 2007 13:53

    Release Notes: Traces were fixed so that they no longer fail with recent versions of Tcl/Tk.

    •  22 Apr 2003 12:28

      Release Notes: The makefile and .spec file were cleaned up. A "-debug" command line option was added to turn on debugging messages, which is useful for figuring out what the right keysym is for a certain key. The zoom in/out was fixed so it works with the keypad. A manpage is now included.

      •  10 Mar 2003 14:33

        Release Notes: A fix was made for the Danish translation.

        •  28 Feb 2003 07:23

          Release Notes: The biggest change is the inclusion of a 4th order Runge-Kutta simulation. Planets is now far more accurate than it was, even at a much courser grain of simulation. A few other cleanups of the interface have been put in, as well as a desktop entry and icon.

          •  05 Jul 2002 17:38

            Release Notes: Addition of random orbital planet improved to avoid slingshotting effect, which improves kid mode considerably.


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