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PlanetGenesis is a tool that generates 16-bit PNG height fields, Wavefront OBJ files, and POV-RAY mesh2 files for use as landscapes and planets.

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Recent releases

  •  30 Sep 2008 18:24

    Release Notes: This release contains a new noise engine, ModifiedMultifractal, along with five new noise functions for use with all Perlin noise engine variants. It also contains a large number of new math functions to apply to the noise, a higher resolution 3D preview, a Torus shaped mesh output option, and Torus UV mapped textures which by definition will always tile. Also available is a separate 'API' version that allows the use of planetGenesis as a plugin for other Java software.

    •  30 Sep 2007 21:19

      Release Notes: This release includes GUI productivity enhancements, new noises including a faster Worley noise, and a new function called Range. It also includes a new component type called PostProcessing, and the ability to output in SGI 16 greyscale format.

      •  08 Feb 2007 17:48

        Release Notes: The Noise Menu has been sub-divided into differrent noise types. Worley noises now have a new distance metric, QuasiEuclidean. There's a new Worley noise, BiasedWorley. LinearSandDunes is a new noise that creates linear sand dunes. Three new Combiners, WarpX, WarpY, and WarpZ, have been added. These take the value generated by the left hand side noise and add it to either the X, Y, or Z co-ordinate before feeding the co-ordinates to the right hand side noise.

        •  18 Dec 2005 16:27

          Release Notes: This release introduces three new combiners: SetX, SetY, and SetZ, which replace one dimension with noise. It also has some efficiency improvements in the Perlin and Worley based noise algorithms, and a bugfix for random seed values.

          •  16 Jul 2005 20:55

            Release Notes: This version has a new noise, Solid Worley, and a copy option for noise engines. The mouse pointer is now context sensitive.


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