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pkgmake automates some steps when making software releases. It creates a copy of the development tree, optionally cleans it up a bit (i.e. removes CVS/* and .svn/*), tars it, places the tarball in the SOURCES/ directory, creates the corresponding .spec file from a provided template (and the data specified in the configuration/on the command line), and runs rpmbuild and/or debbuild as well as spec2arch. As a result, you will have packages for Debian and RPM based distributions as well as the PKGBUILD file for ArchLinux. Using relman as the recommended frontend to pkgmake, new software releases are as easy as calling relman with two parameters: the project name plus the release version - and all packages are made and distributed.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2008 13:41

    Release Notes: An additional script has been added (and integrated with the main process) to also create PKGBUILD files as used by "pacman", the package manager of ArchLinux. So pkgmake now supports three different packaging systems.

    •  01 Jun 2008 18:51

      Release Notes: More placeholders for RPM/Debian specific stuff have been added, and package dependencies have been updated.

      •  10 Oct 2007 17:07

        Release Notes: A switch to automatically select a matching Debian section to the RPM group specified. Some small fixes and cleanups.

        •  10 Aug 2007 07:33

          Release Notes: Minor fixes and enhancements and a little cleanup were done. A companion program, called relman, is also available. Relman is a frontend and enhancement application, making the use of pkgmake even easier.

          •  03 Aug 2007 12:43

            Release Notes: Debian "sections" are now handled. The documentation was updated. The changelog is sorted. Some fixes were made.


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