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pkg_online is a client/server searcher for pkgsrc packages. Every separate field (such as PKGPATH, PKGNAME, or COMMENT) may be queried separately, and multiple fields may be queried too. Lots of search strategies are available. A set of fields and search strategies may vary, depending on your server configuration. Searching in multiple "repositories" is supported too. The communication protocol is the well known dictionary protocol described in RFC-2229.

Recent releases

  •  17 Oct 2010 15:07

    Release Notes: pkg_online_client and pkg_online_find now conform to POSIX Utility Syntax Guideline. The build system has changed from mk files to mk-configure. AI logic has moved from pkg_online_client to pkg_online_find. The quality of the default pkg_online_find search was made much better. Normal .conf files under sysconfdir are used by pkg_online_client, pkg_online_find, and server-side tools. The new option -n was added to pkg_online_client. The default value for PKG_ONLINE_FALLBACK_RULES has changed. Speed-ups were made. Minor fixes and improvements were made.

    •  28 Dec 2008 07:35

      Release Notes: If PKGBASE is equal to a package's directory, then only PKGPATH is output, otherwise PKGPATH(PKGBASE) is output. pkg_online_find was fixed so that it does not fail when a query contains spaces.


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