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Pixory is a "personal image server". It allows you to store your photos on your own PC and access them, compose them into albums, and share them anywhere on the Internet. It presents a standard Web interface through which you can browse and organize your photos. All user-entered album data is stored in XML. Pixory displays image metadata such as the EXIF information embedded in image files by most digital cameras and scanners.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Aug 2006 08:00

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in which selecting any of the arrow buttons on the "Photo Info" page takes you to the "Page Text" page for a different photo, instead of taking you to the "Photo Info" page for a different photo. It also fixes the fact that the contact selector in the Album Invitor doesn't do anything when you hit "continue". Pixory now runs on Java/JRE 1.5. Support was added for multiple Pixory instances in the same container. Pixory now uses Hibernate 3.1.2.

    •  19 Jan 2005 03:41

      Release Notes: This release features improvements to the logical consistency of the navigation scheme.

      •  29 Dec 2004 03:48

        Release Notes: This version features improvements to the operation of the integrated FTP server, improvements to tables in the UI, and several minor bugfixes.

        •  03 Dec 2004 01:05

          Release Notes: This release features sundry minor bugfixes and enhancements.

          •  24 Nov 2004 23:32

            Release Notes: Minor enhancements and bugfixes.

            Recent comments

            07 Nov 2005 16:53 yenshee

            Great work!
            Thanks for this excellent, powerful and simple app. I'm not
            sure where to put feature requests, but here's one: a
            'generate static' button that generates a static copy of the
            server, so that no java server is needed. After all, most of
            the time I leave the gallery unmodified, and once an album
            is generated, I leave it alone.

            I suppose this could be done by recursively wgetting a copy
            of the server output, not sure.

            24 Oct 2004 07:40 Twilek

            Simple, powerfull and fast... Just the way I like it.

            Except for some minor bugs (its beta) excellent software all around

            Keep up the good work

            04 Oct 2004 14:19 pixory

            Re: Slick pictureserver app

            Yahoo is best.



            > Mucho compliments. really like it. Use

            > it as my PictureServer under Tomcat on

            > Linux.

            > Have some feature requests ans some bug

            > reports (nothing major)

            > Is this the best spot or should i post

            > it on Yahoo?


            > Ron

            03 Oct 2004 11:57 RogBot

            Slick pictureserver app
            Mucho compliments. really like it. Use it as my PictureServer under Tomcat on Linux.

            Have some feature requests ans some bug reports (nothing major)

            Is this the best spot or should i post it on Yahoo?


            10 Sep 2004 12:20 pixory

            Re: Just started using it...

            > Features I would like in the future:

            > *Share the iPhoto smart albums

            > *choice of display the comments, or

            > keywords from iPhoto

            Tighter integration with iPhoto will have to wait until the project is open sourced-- I just don't have enough time to personally pursue all worthwhile enhancements to Pixory. I would like to have Pixory open source by the end of 2004.

            > *Enable the user to choose image size

            > when choosing

            > download all images as a zip file.

            Yes! Just the other day I was wishing I had that feature. It's on my todo list now.

            > Where is the

            > configuration data stored on the

            > computer?

            Global configuration data is stored in a database (HSQLDB) that is embedded within Pixory. On OS X, that database is located at: ~/.pixory/data (where ~ is your home directory).

            %And where is the

            > album configuration data stored (with

            > the image texts)?

            Pixory creates a .album subdirectory in each Album directory. Inside that .album subdirectory is a xxx.alb file, where xxx is a large, random, sequence number. The .alb file is an XML file that contains all of the per-album content, such as captions, narrative, and sharing settings.

            > Once more i think this is a great

            > application.



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