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Partimage Is Not Ghost

Partimage Is Not Ghost (PING) is a live Linux ISO based on LFS (Linux From Scratch). It can be burnt on a CD and booted, or integrated in a PXE/RIS environment. Several tools that make it the perfect choice for easily backing up and restoring whole partitions are included. It supports backups to and from SMB shares, backup of BIOS data, the ability to blank the local admin's password, creation of bootable restoration DVDs, the ability to partition and format a disk before installing Windows, and more.


Recent releases

  •  11 Dec 2011 14:20

    Release Notes: This release upgrades the Linux kernel from 2.6.37 to 3.1.2, It adds Reiser4 mount support, xfsprogs-3.1.4, progsreiserfs-, ufs-tools-0.1, vmfs-tools-0.2.1, jfsutils-1.1.15, libufs2_7.2-2, and partclone-0.2.24. It upgrades dhcpcd from 5.1.5 to 5.2.12. It is still fully backward compatible.

    •  25 Feb 2011 13:43

      Release Notes: This release upgrades the Linux kernel from to 2.6.37. It upgrades e2fsprogs, GRUB, FUSE, ntfs-3g, Samba, LVM2, e2fsprogs, parted, OpenSSL, lftp, OpenSSH, ClamAV, curl, fuse-zip, dmraid, hdparm, nasm, syslinux, ixgbe, and mdadm. It adds multipath-tool 0.4.8 (kpartx), wget, and lynx. Intel Software RAID (ISW fakeraid) is now handled.

      •  18 Apr 2010 01:41

        Release Notes: Linux kernel was upgraded to Parted, ntfs-3g, samba, and other programs were also updated. New parameters were added to control verbosity and for outputting a unique message which is seen if verbosity is set to false and you only want users to see a single message.

        •  04 Aug 2009 10:23

          Release Notes: The Linux kernel was upgraded from 2.6.29 to Some more NIC and SATA drivers were added. EXT4 support was added. Several components were upgraded, such as fuse, ntfs-3g, samba, LVM2, Openssh, dosfstools, ATL2 drivers, ClamAV, curl, fuse-zip, dmraid, hdparm, reiser4progs, reiserfsprogs, ATL1e drivers (which are now in the kernel), and dmidecode.

          •  15 Jan 2009 15:51

            Release Notes: Many components were updated. Many new features were added, such as dynamic partition table changes.

            Recent comments

            27 Nov 2007 04:18 natan770

            Re: I would agree
            That is precisely what PING does :)

            23 Nov 2007 14:47 wownotown

            I would agree
            Partimage is not Ghost. I tried to use Partimage to replace the licensing costs of Ghost, but you have to perform too many steps and various tools to get the same outcome. Ghost resizes, makes the correct file system and partition all in one. Someone should modify partimage to include scripts that would resize partitions, format file systems and drop images in the same time Ghost can accomplish this task.


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