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Pinfo is a hypertext info file viewer with a user interface similar to lynx. It is based on curses/ncurses, and can handle info pages as well as man pages. It also features regexp searching and user-defined colors/keys.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2013 09:51

    Release Notes: Fixes issue with handling of suspend/resume and character input. Move variable declarations to the start of a block to accommodate non-gcc compilers.

    •  16 Mar 2006 21:13

      Release Notes: Updated and added translations. Nodes containing a "." are now correctly found. Non-ASCII man pages are displayed correctly. The history behavior of the search input line has been improved. Broken tag tables are now automatically fixed. This release will not segfault when a broken regexp is entered. It fixes a number of segfaults and heap corruptions, a lot of path searching issues, text display on narrow terminals, highlighting of searches, and some memory leaks. It has better cooperation between ncurses and readline.

      •  16 Oct 2004 04:46

        Release Notes: New node detection algorithms for man and info files were provided. The search prompt now has a default item. A couple of minor bugfixes were made.

        •  11 May 2003 23:27

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          •  04 Jun 2002 20:04

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            12 May 2009 13:56 eflorac

            At last info documentation finally makes sense :)

            23 Dec 2005 20:48 chaoticthought

            Problem with bold text on man pages

            This looks like a great utility; It's a definite
            alternative to GNU info, but I'm having
            trouble with the man functionality:
            boldface text looks like this:


            It's like it's not interpreting the ANSI escape
            codes; I'm using the framebuffer console; not sure
            if that matters. Also, the color looks fine on
            hyperlinks and info pages.

            14 May 2004 15:17 LodeRunner

            It is also excellent to view manpages.

            In GoboLinux, we added a wrapper function so that man
            redirects to 'pinfo -m'. Yes, it's *that* good.

            Pinfo was one of the main inspirations for me to write
            htop (,
            which attempts to be for top what pinfo is to info (an
            improved, more interactive, replacement).

            18 Aug 2003 13:55 charliedontsurf

            thank you thank you thank you
            BTW, thank you. emacs/info blows. I couldn't agree more with all the previous coments. This is the first comment I've ever made on freshmeat. That's how happy this utility made me.

            02 Jan 2003 04:36 VadimC

            Re: Request

            > Very, very nice program. I definitely
            > recomend it to everybody. The only
            > feature I cannot seem to get is
            > copy/paste in X11

            Ok I figured it out. Turns out you have to press Shift-key while selecting with mouse


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