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Pimp3 is an mpg123 frontend that allows one to rate songs according to how much they are liked. Those that are rated higher are played more often. The automanagement feature automatically lowers a song's value if it is skipped, and raises a song's rating if it is selected to play twice in a row.


Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2000 23:44

    Release Notes: A fix for a large error in the automatic rating system that raised the rating on an MP3 if you tried to lower it.

    •  13 Jul 2000 02:21

      Release Notes: A fix so that the GUI refreshed properly, code cleanups, removal of a needless dependency on a /tmp file, and a new icon in the GUI.

      •  03 Jul 2000 03:24

        Release Notes: Completely rewritten, with a GTK GUI and much cleaner code.

        •  29 Feb 2000 03:57

          Release Notes: Fixes for several bugs, one of which liked to halt the MP3 player in play, removal of a lot of dead code, and change of the MP3 rating range from 1-5 to 1-10.

          •  27 Feb 2000 16:23

            Release Notes: An option has been added to change the mp3's value to whatever you want it to be during play, a more easily maintained database is now used, and some old variables that were getting passed around unused have been removed.

            Recent comments

            29 Jul 2000 23:17 moodler

            Also see mserv
            If you're interested in such MP3 jukebox software, then also check out the very cool mserv


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