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pimd is a lightweight, stand-alone implementation of the Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) specification.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Oct 2011 15:30

    Release Notes: A serious bug in receive_pim_register() was found and fixed. In essence, the RP check was broken when using the rp_address configuration option. (Everything worked fine with auto-RP mode.) Several minor FTBFS issues related to GCC 4.6 were also fixed. The rp_address configuration option has been extended with a priority field.

    •  09 Jan 2011 19:23

      Release Notes: The previous move of runtime dump files to /var/lib/misc has been refactored to use /var/run/pimd instead. This is to accommodate *BSD systems that do not have the /var/lib tree, and is also recommended in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

      •  08 Jan 2011 22:43

        Release Notes: This is a security fix release for CVE-2011-0007: "Insecure file creation in /var/tmp". It also contains a fix for a build error on GNU/kFreeBSD. The Debian package now also conflicts with smcroute to address the issue of installing and running multiple multicast routing daemons, which is not possible due to kernel limitations.

        •  21 Nov 2010 09:34

          Release Notes: A problem in which pimd would exit with "setsockopt MRT_DEL_VIF on vif 3: Invalid argument" when an interface goes down was fixed. This was caused by an invalid argument to MRT_DEL_VIF on Linux kernels. *BSD systems are not affected.

          •  25 Sep 2010 11:36

            Release Notes: A serious bcopy()/memcpy() replacement bug in 2.1.3 was fixes. More updates were made for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.

            Recent comments

            24 Oct 2011 20:08 troglobit

            Actually, I have looked att pimdd. I also thought it was quite stupid to fork. The code for pimdd is quite ancient, and I think it would be tough to merge the two code bases back together again. But then again, patches are welcome, just fork me at github and post a pull request! :-)

            22 Oct 2011 22:24 imipak

            Hadn't noticed the revival of this, but it's excellent pimd is back. Have you looked at pimdd (a dense mode version of pimd)? It was a fork from pimd, which I never could quite understand as it meant they had to port and hack bugfixes from one into the other.

            31 Jul 2010 00:49 troglobit

            Ahem, of course I meant to link to instead. Sorry, but you are more than welcome to try out mrouted as well. :)

            31 Jul 2010 00:46 troglobit

            Hi Alexis!

            It is hosted at github,, try the latest release or help out with the latest developments by cloning the master branch.


            29 Jul 2010 16:55 salinasa

            I'm happy to see a multicast routing protocol come back to life. I would like to try this new release. Where can I get it?


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