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Pie is a lightweight content management system for Web-sharing documents, files, and arbitrary pieces of information. Making use of a Wiki's meta language and page-linking abilities, it lets authors create and maintain content via HTTP on a corporate basis. It features an emphasis on fast content delivery to its recipients rather than sophisticated add-ons, therefore conveying compiled output instead of performing time consuming run-time processing.


Recent releases

  •  22 Oct 2006 21:35

    Release Notes: The code library has been completely rewritten, focusing on extendability and abstraction. All low-level functions have been implemented as OO classes. Both pages and files support an arbitrary number of versions, limited only by the capacity of the underlying file system. Usability has been improved. Most operations are selectable from drop-down menus via mouse clicks or Editing Mode. Editing has been fine-tuned. Text can be marked and, by clicking a button, applied various markup properties.

    •  24 Dec 2005 07:34

      Release Notes: This version featured browsable and revertable page versioning, local link/referer verification, (semi-)automatic page expiration, and a further step towards customization, including localization and arbitrary PCRE-patterns to recognize page names and file names.

      •  25 Jul 2005 05:49

        Release Notes: The new multi-user environment encourages writers to identify themselves through distinctive usernames. File/page locking prevents multiple users from working on the same page at a time. The location of each each component is completely customizable. User actions that modify the contents of the site can be logged. Internal anchors can be placed on pages to be referred to via links. The ampersand selector in text spans allows embedding special HTML-entities on pages. The equal selector in text spans allows embedding arbitrary verbatim code into documents.

        •  21 May 2005 06:11

          Release Notes: A page search mechanism and a sandbox mode were added.


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