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Pidentd v3 is a much improved version of the original Ident daemon both in terms of speed, code quality and features. Features include multithreading, a "configure" script, startup autodetection, much clearer/rewritten C code, doesn't run as root after startup, has a configuration file and can be started from /etc/inittab (on systems using a SysV init).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Oct 2005 14:47

    Release Notes: Support for Solaris 10 on AMD64 was added and the 64-bit support was generalized for Solaris. A minor compilation problem in k_sunos510.c was fixed.

    •  13 Jun 2004 08:09

      Release Notes: This release added support for Solaris 10, AIX 5.1, and GCC and 64-bit compilation. Robustness of the Linux code was improved, and a file descriptor leak was fixed.

      •  25 Nov 2002 11:13

        Release Notes: In this version, Solaris 9 and True64 5.2 support was added. There are lots of various minor bugfixes, and synchronization with pftpd plib.

        •  25 Nov 2002 11:12

          Release Notes: In this version, Solaris 9 support was added. There is better handling of very long passwd entries.

          •  05 Sep 2001 04:22

            Release Notes: IPv6 / IPv4 compatibilty and support updated. Linux support fixed. Tru64 version 5.x should now work.


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