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PicMonger is a GUI-driven app that scans a specified Usenet newsgroup for binary attachments. Any attachments encoded with uuencode or in MIME-base64 format are decoded into the current working directory. Lists of frequently used servers and groups are saved on a per-user basis and easily accessed/edited via the GUI. HTML preview pages (like contact sheets) can be automatically generated on the fly. PicMonger also remembers where you were between sessions so scanning resumes where you left off.


Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2000 20:49

    Release Notes: User authentication (PicMonger can now be used with NNTP servers that require authentication), a fix for an extremely annoying bug causing frequent timeouts, and Gdk_Imlib is no longer repeatedly created/destroyed while generating thumbnails.

    •  23 Apr 2000 08:30

      Release Notes: This release is identical to 0.9.5 in functionality, but it has been patched so it will compile with the newest Gtk-- release (1.2.0).

      •  19 Apr 2000 09:15

        Release Notes: HTML options and filetype preferences are remembered between sessions, and thumbnails on HTML contact sheets maintain the aspect ratio of the original images.

        •  10 Apr 2000 22:12

          Release Notes: Numerous important bugfixes (no more intermittent abort() and HTML preview loss, some problems with encoded file detection fixed), CSV file download/decoding now supported, the install path can now be specified using the --prefix option to 'configure', and a few internal design changes.

          •  29 Mar 2000 01:23

            Release Notes: A fix for a protocol error causing spurious timeouts, working directory changeable in GUI, configure script now correctly determines whether Gtk--/libSigC++ version is new enough, filtering of duplicate files/posts from generated previews, sorting of preview files before HTML is generated, and several other small features and bugfixes.


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