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PicForth is a free software Forth compiler targetting PIC 16F8xx microcontrollers. It generates compact and efficient code.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Dec 2004 20:38

    Release Notes: This release adds new words and optimizations. It fixes some bugs.

    •  26 Nov 2004 13:54

      Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with the optimizer generating incorrect code for expressions such as "dup 0<>" not followed by a test operator such as "if" or "while".

      •  15 Nov 2004 02:36

        Release Notes: New optimization and warning modes. Better interrupts support.

        •  09 Nov 2004 14:39

          Release Notes: This version was ported to GForth 0.6.2. A new bootloader host program is included.

          •  09 Nov 2004 11:22

            Release Notes: A new serial monitor controller program was added along with new jump tables and bugfixes.


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