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pi-address is a GUI frontend to address databases from a 3Com Palm Pilot. It can read/edit/save database files in PDB-format. These files can be read from or written to the pilot using 'pilot-xfer' from the pilot-link package.


Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2000 20:26

    Release Notes: Use of autoconf for the build process, default path of documention is /usr/share/doc/pi-address, a default filename for all export formats, and new PrintingFormat keys for "newline" and "tab".

    •  12 May 2000 01:04

      Release Notes: Exporting records in vCard format (version 2.1) and minor bugfixes.

      •  22 Jan 2000 21:30

        Release Notes: Fixes for reading systemwide config file /etc/pi-address.conf instead of /etc/pi-addressrc and an uninitialized buffer during import of PilotManager data files that caused junk characters in category names, and exporting records in XML format according to a draft of a Document Type Definition (see file pilot-addresses.dtd).

        •  18 Dec 1999 04:47

          Release Notes: Configurable confirmation of dangerous operations, configurable menu-item name for the "User def. appl.", an option ~-expansion to specify DefaultDB in pi-addressrc and for command line arguments, edit categories, and a check for the return value of system call for HelpApplication to report any error.

          •  02 May 1999 02:52

            Release Notes: License change, new menuitem "Record" with the same functions as in the right mouse button popup menu, deleting of all records of a selected category was buggy under certain circumstances and fixed incomplete category names in edit dialog if empty category exists in between, e.g. after deleting categories in the Pilot.


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