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PHP ZIP Code Locator

PHP ZIP Code Locator is a MySQL ZIP code database with a PHP locator. It integrates with existing location tables to provide locater functionality on any table that contains a 5-digit ZIP code column. There is no need to dump, reformat, and reload existing location data into a vendor-provided location table.

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Recent releases

  •  13 Aug 2007 14:44

    Release Notes: The program can now use alternate postal code data tables (i.e., other than U.S. ZIP codes) and perform LEFT JOINs of the main location table with other tables. A function to generate JavaScript to create state/city search options was added. The Locator class was simplified. The ZIP code data and user manual were updated. More examples were added.

    •  08 Mar 2007 12:17

      Release Notes: This release reverts fast database loads for systems that do not grant FILE privilege. It also converts hard-coded table/column names to config file entries.

      •  19 Jan 2007 14:54

        Release Notes: This release improves the installation script to load data faster, adds more examples, and removes the warnings that appeared under PHP5.

        •  20 Oct 2006 17:39

          Release Notes: This release adds convenience functions to return city, state, and state abbreviation for a zipcode. It fixes a bug related to using third-party ZIP code data.

          •  10 Oct 2006 16:42

            Release Notes: Now works with MS SQL as well as MySQL. Minor bugs that appeared using PHP 5+ have been fixed.


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