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PHP XML Classes

PHP XML Classes is a set of classes for XML processing using PHP.

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Recent releases

  •  22 Jul 2002 14:26

    Release Notes: class_xml_check (v1.0), a class to check if a file/URL is well formed was added. It can report error details (message, line number, column number) if the file is not well formed or statistics about the XML document if it is well formed (size, number of elements, text sections, size of text sections, and attributes).

    •  15 Jul 2002 14:39

      Release Notes: The RDQL_db and RDQL_query_db classes were added. RDQL_db is a class to store and retrieve (delete) RDF documents to and from a MySQL database. RDF documents are parsed and then stored as RDF statements. The second class, RDQL_query_db, implements the RDQL language for RDF documents stored with the first class. Since documents are parsed when stored, the RDQL class doesn't parse the documents, which improves the querying speed.

      •  08 Jul 2002 14:07

        Release Notes: The RDQL class was added. This is a generic RDQL engine and an implementation of the engine to query RDF documents from files or URLs. The documentation for all the packages was updated. Bugfixes and minor cosmetic changes were made.

        •  01 Jul 2002 13:25

          Release Notes: A path parser class was added. This is a generic XML parser, based on Expat, that lets you associate PHP functions with XML elements indicating a path (for example, /foo/data/name). The user's functions will be called each time such an element is found by the parser, passing the element name, attributes, and content (text or a XML fragment) as arguments.

          •  24 Jun 2002 13:54

            Release Notes: A class to parse RDDL documents was added. The class can parse RDDL documents, extracting resource elements that can then be obtained. The class can parse all RDDL valid documents from URLs or files.


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