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15 Apr 2003 15:03 hoss33

New Version 2.3.2
Bugfix: When using IMAP folders in a subdirectory, "Move mail to" always showed
INBOX selected and not the name of the actual folder.

22 Feb 2003 14:58 hoss33

New Version 2.3.1
Security update: send_mail.php now uses the move_uploaded_file() function
instead of copy(). On some systems a vulnerability might have made it
possible for a user to attach system files of the machine running PHPwebmail.
Thanks for the hint to Nasir Simbolon.

29 Jan 2003 07:18 hoss33

New Version 2.3
Jan C. Wynholds had the good idea to show only a limited number of messages in the message pane. He sent me the code and I implemented his ideas.
UPGRADES, check webmail.sql for the new field "nummsgs" in the prefs table.

07 Jan 2003 04:31 hoss33

New Version 2.2
Mirko Holler made the following additions:
JavaScript "click & add" feature for addressing in send_mail.php.
Patch in mime.php to mark sent messages in IMAP folders "read".

04 Jan 2003 03:00 hoss33

Version 2.1p
Minor change to the From header for mail relaying. See README.

03 May 2002 02:40 hoss33

Version 2.1o
Some minor code clean up and bug fixes with $sql_host and the local tmp directory.

09 Mar 2002 11:31 hoss33

Version 2.1n
Fixed logout.php, which caused a "could not display page" error in Internet Explorer when PHPwebmail is running on a PHP 4.1 server.

01 Mar 2002 06:41 hoss33

Important security information
This week a security flaw in PHP up to version 4.0.3 was discovered. Forms that use file upload capablities can be used to crack the server.

PHPwebmail uses file uploads to send attachments.

I would not rate the security risk for PHPwebmail very high, since only users with an account can log on to the system and send mail.

Please update your PHP4 version or disable the upload functions in the source of send_mail.php if you have a large or otherwise uncontrolled user base on your server.

12 Jan 2002 06:43 hoss33

Security Update!
Version 2.1m renamed to
Before one could read the file in the webbrowser and see the
MySQL login information.

01 Jan 2002 13:51 hoss33

Update 2.1l is out
For low bandwith connections, the user can now switch to a text only version
of PHPwebmail via the preferences.
In the setup file ( the administrator can now also set the color
for links to make "textmode" a little more colorful.


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